When the problems within the electrical system of your residential or commercial properties seems to be frequent and get harder it is probably time to take serious actions. You should call for a professional electrician to assist you. As a most trusted electrician services provider serving the entire Bend OR, you can rest assured your problems will be solved. Our contractors have over 5 of experience in the electrical service field. The future customers of Kercher Electric  should know that our company works hard to provide speedy service  at reasonable price. Do not hesitate and call our electrical contractor 24/7 at (541) 948-5119.

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The professional electricians of Kercher Electric are able to deliver services when you need them all over Bend, OR. These contractors are completely licensed, insured and bonded so your property is in good hands. Our experts are well prepared and always up-to-date with the latest methods for repair and maintenance of the electrical systems. Having helped so many members of the local community, by using this methods, we have been able to build a strong team like no other in the electrical services industry.

Electrical wires in many colorsAs a distinguishing electric and lightning contractor in Bend OR, we are dedicated to ensuring that our friends and neighbors have a safe and secure home. That is why all of the electrical service calls we receive are handled with utmost attention and speed. We make every effort to respond to your call for assistance in a fast manner, as we know every second counts when dealing with electricity issues. Our electricians dispatched to assist with your electrical service needs come prepared to start the services you request right away. From diagnostic testing equipment to complete electrical box supplies, our professionals have a service vehicle stocked so that your electrician services can be completed in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

Whether you are in need of an electrical inspection on a new building or you want your entire electrical system upgraded, contact us – the company that cares. You can reach our customer care center by calling them today at (541) 948-5119. We are always happy to provide electrical contractor assistance for services that can really make a difference in the homes and building facilities throughout our area, that is why we, at Kercher Electric, are the best in Bend OR.

Kercher Electric is qualified and trained to repair, maintain, and install electrical equipment and cables in residential, commercial, industrial, or automotive facilities. Many contractors focus on a particular client like residential or commercial clients but our electrical company specializes on every specific need no matter who the client is. We have a few vital qualities to guarantee our effectiveness and proficiency. These qualities include field experience, license, training credentials, and a business liability insurance. Repairs done by our electrical company offer the benefit of longevity, meaning you won’t be having the same problem for years to come, depending on how disciplined and cautious you are in maintaining the systems.

by Joe Noel on Kercher Electric
Fantastic Service!!!

Matt came to my rescue! Had a heater relay under my house burn out.
He met me at the house, climbed into a very nasty crawlspace and had
the job done in 10 minutes. His price was VERY reasonable and he did
a excellent job! KUDOS!!! Spread the word! Kirchner Electric is the way
to go! Thanks again Matt!

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