When to Call Your Local Electrical Contractor

Here are some common electrical issues that happen in the wiring system of homes in the U.S. Make sure you get familiar with them so that when it happens in your home, you know exactly what to do.

Problems With Light Fixtures.

Light bulbs are burning out frequently. Considering you use high quality light bulbs, frequent burn outs can signal a major problem with your electrical system. Make sure you hire an proper electrician and have him inspect the problem.

Blinking or flickering lights.

Most of the time, this signals a poor connection somewhere in the wiring network. If the flickering is present in most of your light fixtures, then the problem may be a main wire connection. Again, have an electrical contractor check it out. Recessed lights go off unexpectedly. This happens either because the light fixture is too close to the ceiling insulation, or the light bulb has the wrong wattage. Some lights run dim while others get extra bright. This signals a problem with the main neutral connection in your home. If not fixed immediately, this condition will continue to be destructive to equipment in your home.

Problems With Outlets.

A set of lights or outlets simply went dead. If you’ve reset any GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) or breaker recently, then you are probably left with a poor connection somewhere along the circuit. What you should do, is cut off the electricity from the breaker assigned to that set of outlets and call an electrician right away. Outlets have gone dead in the garage, kitchen and bathroom. These outlets are usually connected to a GFCI, which is designed to cut off the power on those outlets when it senses a problem that might shock you. Luckily, the fix is as simple as pushing the reset button of the GFCI. However, keep in mind that something actually caused the device to trip so, before you reset it, make sure all outlets are dry and undamaged.

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